5 Profitable Fields for Engineers Seeking a Good Career Change (Make $116k-1M)

If you are an engineer (in any field) looking for other highly profitable career paths, either because you want to switch things up, make more money, or simply are sick of your current industry, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we go over five lucrative career paths for engineers seeking to make a good career change.

The information in this blog post is based on my decade-long experience and insights as an engineer myself, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and conversations with professionals across a range of fields.

Remember, this isn’t a ranked list. Each of these careers presents exceptional prospects for anyone looking to join.

Having said all of this, grab a cup of black coffee and let’s explore these exciting career paths!

1. Sales Engineering

This is one of my favorite fields.

Sales Engineering, especially in tech and manufacturing industries, is a technical professional who bridges the gap between advanced products and their potential users.

They understand the customer’s technical requirements and provide customized solutions, showcasing the benefits and capabilities of the product or service.

Their responsibilities include conducting product demonstrations, addressing technical queries, creating proposals, and collaborating with the sales team to influence the purchasing decision.

According to indeed.com, the median salary for a sales engineer is around $96,000 per year. In terms of job projection, the demand for sales engineers remains strong, with a projected growth of 6% from 2020 to 2030, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Companies across various industries rely on sales engineers to effectively communicate the value and technical aspects of their products, making this profession an essential part of the sales ecosystem.

With a median salary of $103,000 and average job growth of 6% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this field is poised for profitable opportunities, especially with the ongoing advancement of technology.

However, don’t be fooled by this number. After speaking with many sales engineers, they mentioned the salary can grow exponentially the better you become at your craft.

And guess what? One thing I know about sales is that anything related to commissions can be very lucrative if you are good at what you do!

Here’s an interview I did with sales engineer professional Tanner Drake a few months ago:

2. Tech Sales Representative

Tech sales professionals, or also known as sales development reps (SDRs), are in a great position nowadays, given the demand for this career field is on the rise, as the tech industry expands.

A sales tech representative is a person who helps sell technology products or services to customers. They have expert knowledge of the technology they are selling and use that knowledge to inform and persuade potential customers.

Their main goal is to close deals, increase sales, and ensure customer satisfaction by providing excellent product information and support.

With a median salary of $71,000 per year and job growth slightly faster than average, this field promises high income opportunities for engineers looking to shift and be more in control of their destiny. 

This is another area where this salary can be misleading. After speaking with Eric Finch, a career veteran in Tech sales, he mentioned there are professionals in this industry who can make anywhere from $500K to $1M.

Needless to say, you must be good at what you do, but hey, don’t see this as an impossible goal to achieve, but look at this more as motivation to push harder than ever. 

Here’s an interview I did with Eric from his YouTube channel Tech Sales with Eric. 

3. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager plays a crucial role in developing and implementing strategies to promote products or services and drive business growth. They analyze market trends, identify target audiences, conduct market research, and collaborate with various teams to create effective marketing campaigns.


With a median salary of $135,000 per year according to US News, and above-average job growth, this field promises a good return on investment for those with the skills and passion for marketing, analytics, and creative thinking. 


For engineers seeking a career shift, marketing management offers a great opportunity to apply their analytical and problem-solving skills in a creative and strategic manner. 


With their technical and team-oriented background, engineers can bring a unique perspective to marketing initiatives and contribute to the development of innovative campaigns and solutions.


4. Project Manager

This is no foreign term for engineers, and you probably ran into one of them in the past. In fact, we engineers work with project managers all the time. 


But in case you’re not too familiar yet, project managers oversee project timelines, budgets, and technical requirements, and work with a variety of technical and programmatic teams to accomplish their mission. 


I was a project manager for three years in a previous position, and I must say I enjoyed the work, as it gave me direct insight and invaluable experience managing deadlines, handling budgets, and working with my engineering teams to overcome technical challenges, all of which helped me develop skills that transcend the engineering industry and are applicable everywhere you go. 


Project managers have a median salary of $116,000 per year and have job growth projected at four times the average.


With the versatility of this role, project management skills can be transferred across various industries, making it an attractive career choice for any engineer out there!


Here’s a video I made giving an overview of my experience and whether or not this is a good field for engineers:


5. Nursing

Some time ago, I saw a comment on YouTube from a chemical engineer who had a hard time finding a job in his field, and he decided to make the shift to nursing. 


It sounded crazy to me at first, but we can’t deny there are certain situations in life where we are in so much pain, that we are willing to do whatever it takes to start making money and support ourselves. 


Even if that entails doing a 180 on our careers. 


Now, my wife is a nurse and I can say this: 


Nursing is a rewarding and stable career path. Nurses earn a median salary between $75,000 and $93,000 per year, though this can significantly increase for specialized roles like travel nurses.


With job growth projected at 9%, nursing is a stable industry with a range of career opportunities.


One day, my wife ran into a travel nurse who had made over $300,000 the previous year due to overtime and bonuses.


When she told me this, I was baffled, but to be honest, nurses work very hard (specially during the pandemic, so we could say well deserved?. It’s still a lot!).


If you are an engineer, specially single with no other commitments, who wants to completely redesign your life, want to go into a field that makes the difference every day, travel, and make bank while doing so, then consider nursing!


Bottom Line

Remember, your best career choice will align with your personal interests and skills.


Feel free to explore these fields further and consider which might be the best fit for you.


Your future high-income career might just be a decision away!




Thank you for being here. What’s your reaction? Which field is for you? Do you have any questions? Send me a message here!




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