Hello! I'm Alex. 

I’m a father, husband, engineering professional, and online entrepreneur, originally from South America, and now living in the Washington, DC area.

My goal is to help professionals and young parents build a successful and secure financial future, so they can take care of their families, give back to the world, and live a meaningful life.

I cover topics in personal finance, career development, online business, and mindset.

You’ll find career, personal finance, and online business tools, reviews, and insights to help you get out of debt, save money, and maximize your income to build a peaceful and wealthy future for yourself and your family.

Coming from humble beginnings, I battled poverty and worked minimum wage jobs until the age of 22. Since graduating from Virginia Tech in 2012, I’ve climbed the corporate ladder, broke six figures at the age of 25, and paid off $215,000 in two and a half years with my wife.

I’m currently scaling my one-person online business to six figures and share everything I learn along the way. 

If you’re working towards purpose and financial freedom, we’ll get along. Let’s get in touch!

For business inquiries, coaching, or mentoring contact me at alex@alexisidro.com.