hello! welcome. i'm alex.

I’m a father, husband, engineering professional (12 years), mentor, and online entrepreneur, originally from South America, and now living in the Washington, DC area.

I am passionate about family, career, finances, online business, and self development.

Here, you’ll find tools to help you succeed faster, save time, make more money, and live a meaningful life.

Coming from humble beginnings, I battled poverty and worked minimum wage jobs until the age of 22. Since graduating from Virginia Tech in 2012 as an engineer, I’ve climbed the corporate ladder, broke six figures at the age of 25, and paid off $215,000 in two and a half years with my wife.

I’m currently working on scaling my one-person, five-figure online business to six figures. I share everything I learn along the way.

THREE WAYS i can help you


Transition Careers and Get UNSTUCK

Leverage your skills and experience to find  careers that align with your interests, goals, and passions.


Achieve Financial Security and Live Free

Take control of your money, end debt, save, and achieve financial security for your family.


Sell Your Knowledge and Boost Your Income

Learn to increase your income online and get paid for your expertise, knowledge, and wisdom.