Hello! I'm Alex. 

I’m a father, husband, engineering professional, and online entrepreneur living in the Washington, DC area.

My goal is to help entrepreneurial and ambitious professionals like you improve your finances and build an online side hustle you can do without quitting your full time job.

On this blog, I share everything I wish I knew earlier in life (currently working on content!). 

You’ll find personal finance and business tools, reviews, and insight to help you  get out of debt, save money, and maximize your income to build  a peaceful and wealthy future for yourself and your family. 

I come from humble beginnings battling poverty and working minimum wage jobs, I’ve climbed the corporate ladder since graduating college (Virginia Tech 2012), broke six figures at the young age of 25, and paid off $215,000 debt in 2022.

I’m currently building my one-person online business myself, and scaling it to $30K/month. 

If you are also working towards financial freedom, we’ll get along. Let’s get in touch!

For business inquiries, contact me at alex@alexisidro.com.

TWO ways I can help you

maximize your savings

Struggling to take control of your finances? Are you confused what to do first, don’t have actionable steps or plan to take control of your future? Whether you’re drowning in debt or striving to secure your family’s future, we can work together to craft a customized plan and strategies to handle your money with confidence. 

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make money with youtube

If you’ve ever considered a lucrative side hustle that won’t eat into your family time, this is it. Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned social media creator who’s had little to no progress so far, I can help you monetize your skills and get paid – even with a small channel and zero subscribers (a strategy that has helped me average $1,895 a month, working 8 hours a week).

why work with me

Listen, I’ve been where you are.

Trying to figure everything out own your own; trying different strategies, listening to multiple people, and in the end, you end up frustrated, lost, overwhelmed, wasting time, and with little to no progress to show.

Here’s the thing, ever since I started investing in myself and hiring mentors and coaches to help me avoid mistakes and save time to achieve my goals faster, I’ve become a  firm believer in the transformative power of coaching!

That’s why, after successfully guiding engineering professionals with their career, I decided to re-start my 1:1 consulting sessions for a limited time only: designed exclusively for ambitious individuals like yourself, hungry to achieve more, earn more, and live life with purpose, where we can go over your goals, challenges, and develop actionable steps to reach your goals.


I tell you this: if you believe the coaching session did not meet your expectations, or are not satisfied with the service, I will give you your money back 100% guaranteed. The only thing I’ll ask is for feedback on how I can improve. 

You have nothing to lose, other than waste more time ahead if you keep trying to figure everything out on your own. 

Click the link below to schedule a call and let’s start working towards your goals today!

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